Friday, January 28, 2022

DAY 4 OF ANNOUNCING! Table of Contents for: +HORROR LIBRARY+ Volume 7

ANNOUNCING: I’m posting all contributors, one-a-day, to reveal the Table of Contents for +Horror Library+ Volume 7, to be published by Dark Moon Books on March 1, 2022!


4. Cody Goodfellow presents “Hand of Glory”
3. Natalia Theodoridou presents “The Mouth”
2. Jo Kaplan presents “Her. House.”
1. Michael Harris Cohen presents “Never Better”


In “Hand of Glory,” a despairing prison inmate studies astral projection in order to escape his cell.


     … Newcomb lacked the initiative or imagination to conceive an escape, or the skills or connections that would make him an asset in a jailbreak. He had no friends inside. He avoided the gangs. Kept his head down, just doing his time, but he wasn’t going to last another year.
     He strolled the yard, avoiding searching eyes while scanning the parade of hard, hate-etched faces. The driving wind was full of sand, so the cons huddled close to the outer wall, scheming and smoking. He came to the end of the line and was ready to give up. Look at the wrong con too many times and you get stomped or stabbed.
     He didn’t know how long the other man had been walking alongside him. “Make a wish,” the man said. Voice like a radio announcer, his stale sweat and sage-smoke smell just like the book…

Hand of Glory by CODY GOODFELLOW



Cody Goodfellow has written eight novels and five collections of short stories, and edits the hyperpulp zine Forbidden Futures. His writing has been favored with three Wonderland Book Awards for excellence in Bizarro fiction. His comics work has appeared in Mystery Meat, Dark Horse’s Creepy, and Slow Death Zero. As an actor, he has appeared in numerous TV shows, videos by Anthrax and Beck, and a Days Inn commercial. He also wrote, co-produced, and scored the Lovecraftian hygiene films Baby Got Bass and Stay At Home Dad, which can be viewed on YouTube. He “lives” in San Diego, California.




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