Friday, September 30, 2011

ONE MONTH LEFT for submissions to anthology, "Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations"

As a reminder, there is only one month remaining to submit your story to the anthology, "Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations"! Be sure to get your Dark Tale in on time — this collection is going to be incredible!

Open call ends midnight, October 31, 2011.

Submission Statistics:

As of yesterday, September 29, I have responded to all inquiries and submissions.

I have so far received 121 submissions. Of those, I have accepted 6 stories immediately, added 55 to the short list, and declined 60. The average word count so far is 4,185.

Most stories will be short-listed first and final acceptances selected from the short list within thirty days after open call is ended. I have been generous in adding stories to the short list, because I have wanted to provide feedback to potential contributors as soon as possible (average review time has been four days). Each submission is graded on a rubric scale and so the ones which rank higher will ultimately displace the stories beneath them on the scale. Thus, as I receive more submissions, I will be reviewing stories from the short list and rejecting those which fall far enough below the others. It is a bit unconventional, but I find it to be a very fluid process and it keeps me involved as I continually go back to review stories received, in order to judge them against their peers.

I needed, please see my blog for the original guidelines and monthly updates.

Please connect with me at any of my social media sites for updates to this book and other opportunities!

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