Tuesday, October 11, 2016

NAME THAT STORY! Searching for a Vampire Road Chase Story, viewable online circa 2011

Time for NAME THAT STORY! Can anyone identify the following story and/ or its author?

About five years ago (circa 2011) I read online (via a horror forum/ website) a fast-paced short horror story. It took place about the 1950s – two brothers were in a souped-up roadster speeding down the backroads after a rock 'n' roll concert arguing over who was better: Johnny Cash or Elvis Presley.

They come to a late night diner and find everyone there has been viciously slaughtered by something.

That ‘something’ turns out to be a group of vampires.

The brothers rev up their car and race away trying to escape, but the vampires keep pace, and they fight back and forth with the brothers for awhile.

By ending, one brother had been killed and the other brother ‘turned,’ but he vowed, then gaining the strength and speed of the vampire, to get revenge on those who had killed his brother.

Anyone recognize this?? It’s been coming back to me over the years, and I have never been able to track it down…