Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Theatrical/ Radio-Style Podcast Reading of my story, “Something in the Strawberry Fields”

One of the first horror stories I ever wrote for publication (a whopping five years ago!) has come back around for a spectacular podcast reading… It’s almost embarrassing how much work seems to have gone into this theatrical-quality production, styled after the old radio dramas, with music, sound effects, and multiple character voice actors.

Listen to my tale, “Something in the Strawberry Fields,” as the opening episode of Manor House Show’s Season 3, here at:

Really well done, and thanks so much to MANOR HOUSE @manorhouseshow ; and the cast and technicians involved, including Project Entertainment Network @ProjectEntNet, Project Entertainment Network.

And thanks also for this amazing first review by @UnnervingMagazine, @UnnervingMag .

“Season 3 of the Manor House opens with a sinister tale of retribution by Eric J. Guignard titled Something in the Strawberry Fields. Listening, the story brought to mind a Scott Smith tale of devilish greenery, The Ruins. The plants are hungry and knowing, but beyond that (and the Spanish vibe) this story rolls into a yarn of its own…”