Tuesday, February 23, 2021



It’s thrilling! It’s magnificent! It’s extensive and dark and gleefully wicked—It’s this news, the books, their impact…

Dark Moon Books has taken over as the new publisher for +HORROR LIBRARY+ anthology series, with Eric J. Guignard becoming the new series editor!!!

The Horror Library series began in 2005, and since has published six volumes, plus a “Best Of” comp. These anthology books have been a home for non-themed short works of horror & dark fiction for both new and established authors. Past contributors have included such notables as Bentley Little (a regular contributor), Jeffrey Ford, Kealan Patrick Burke, Jeff Strand, Ray Garton, Tim Waggoner, Lisa Morton, et al. My own induction into the series was as guest editor for Volume 6, and as an author before that for Volume 5 and the “Best of.

The current +HORROR LIBRARY+ volumes will be temporarily offline from bookstore sites for the next 1 or 2 months while they transition the necessary minutia of publisher accounts, but all this being in advance of promotions and preparation for open submission call of an upcoming NEW volume, HORROR LIBRARY, VOLUME 7!

I’ll be molding Vol. 7 and future volumes to be in line with the hallmarks of anthology series that influenced my own dark reading tastes, such as Borderlands (ed. Thomas Monteleone); Shadows (ed. Charles Grant); Whispers (ed. Stuart David Schiff); Masques (ed. J.N. Williamson), etc., not to mention the general tone and thoughtful, literary styles found in current and ongoing annual editions of “BEST OF HORROR” series by editors such as Ellen Datlow, Paula Guran, and Stephen Jones.

More announcements on the series acquisition and development for Volume 7 as they occur!

C’est tout, and midnight cheers,


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