Saturday, September 12, 2020

Accolades and updates for LAST CASE AT A BAGGAGE AUCTION

I’m gonna humble brag a little, this novella has been gaining traction in sales and reviews over the past week! It makes me so happy to know that I’m not just throwing work into the void, as it feels most days. 

LAST CASE AT A BAGGAGE AUCTION is available on my website or Amazon: 


Here are some of the latest write-ups by book review sites!

“…The author has a knack for combining real historical events with his own imagination.”


“…an outstanding sense of time and place, very engaging narration, and a supernatural hook to savour (also striking illustrations from Steve Lines!)”


“…definitely recommended reading for lovers of the eerie and those that like a little suspense in their reads. I am struggling to liken this book to any other, as the voice and telling are so original.”


“…is a killer novella of quiet horror and it's a blast!”


“…prose is smooth and uncluttered, in service of a fully rounded, intelligent and consistently surprising narrative that’s packed with the type of thrills you’d expect from a scary book, along with a great deal of sumptuously researched historical detail”

Anyway, THANK YOU to book reviewers everywhere! #reviewers #books #gratitude

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