Friday, April 13, 2018

100th short story acceptance!

Milestone achieved: Updated my writing submission log, and realize that I just received my 100th short story acceptance this week!!! That number includes 33 reprints but, still, that’s like 100 mothers patting me on the head and saying, “You found favor in our eyes this instance.”

I’ve been keeping statistics since I started writing fiction for the sake of publication, as of February, 2011, so reaching #100 is definitely exciting. Granted, some of the earlier stories I wrote, I burn in shame over now, but such is growth. Additionally and coincidentally, I also received my 300th rejection yesterday, which puts my short story acceptance rate currently at exactly 25%.

I also have 17 submissions that are out pending decision (6 of which are reprints) and another half dozen with no suitable home to submit, not to mention the couple dozen others sitting in the trunk drawer, of which I’ve given up on.

My short story output has slowed these past eighteen months, as I’ve focused on writing my first novel (looking for a publisher, oh Big Name agencies!), a collection (TBP this summer), starting up my own indie publishing company, DARK MOON BOOKS,, writing a PRIMER series to Dark Short Fiction authors, and editing another three anthologies, which I hope to publish this year! Additionally I’ve contributed a number of introductions, essays, and other non-fiction work.

I haven’t updated my bibliography since November, 2017, but I keep it posted on my website,, here:

Hopefully, another ten years from now as I sit on my throne of literary accolades and million-dollar royalty checks, I’ll look back on all this and say, “Bah, that was my elementary phase, tenuous merit at best!”

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