Saturday, December 3, 2016

DAY 19 OF ANNOUNCING! Table of Contents for: +HORROR LIBRARY+ Volume 6

I’ll be unhurriedly posting all contributors here, one-a-day, to reveal the T.O.C. for this latest anthology volume that I edited for +HORROR LIBRARY+, to be published by Farolight Publishing (Cutting Block Books) in April, 2017.

DAY 19 of 27: Marc E. Fitch

JG Faherty presents “The H Train”
Edward M. Erdelac presents “Hear The Eagle Scream”
Rebecca J. Allred presents “Mother’s Mouth, Full of Dirt”
Jay Caselberg presents “The Ride”
John M. Floyd presents “The Red-Eye to Boston”
Tom Johnstone presents “Oldstone Gardens”
Bentley Little presents “The Plumber”
Darren O. Godfrey presents “D.U.I.”
Carole Johnstone presents “Better You Believe”
David Tallerman presents “Casualty of Peace”
Kathryn E. McGee presents “The Creek Keepers’ Lodge”
Jeffrey Ford presents “Five Pointed Spell”
Sean Eads presents “Predestination’s a Bitch”
Dean H. Wild presents “The Gaff”
Stephanie Bedwell-Grime presents “The Night Truck”
C. Michael Cook presents “The Night Crier”
Josh Rountree presents “Snowfather”
Jayani C. Senanayake presents “Kalu Kumaraya (My Dark Prince)”
19. Marc E. Fitch presents “The Starry Crown”


I left the university campus behind to do some field work in the Deep South. I was studying folk songs from southern states that had neither a time or place of origin nor a known composer. Those old songs that just seemed to rise out of the cultural folklore and evangelical mysticism like steam rising from a swamp. Songs that had been sung for generations by slaves and slave owners, Baptist ministers and backwoods preachers, and whose chords had been strung by banjos and whistled on whiskey jugs. Those songs presented a mystery to me; one that seemed to be known and understood in the Deep South but eluded myself and others in the halls of academe...
The Starry Crown by Marc E. Fitch

ABOUT: Marc E. Fitch

Marc E. Fitch is the author of the novels Paradise Burns, Dirty Water, and Old Boone Blood. His short fiction has appeared in publications such as Nightscript, Whispers from the Abyss 2, and The Big Click. Marc is also the author of Paranormal Nation: Why America Needs Ghosts, UFOs and Bigfoot. Marc lives and works in Connecticut with his wife, four children, and three goats. For more information visit, and he can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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