Friday, November 18, 2016

DAY 9 OF ANNOUNCING! Table of Contents for: +HORROR LIBRARY+ Volume 6

I’ll be unhurriedly posting all contributors here, one-a-day, to reveal the T.O.C. for this latest anthology volume that I edited for +HORROR LIBRARY+, to be published by Farolight Publishing (Cutting Block Books) in April, 2017.

DAY 9 of 27: Carole Johnstone

JG Faherty presents “The H Train”
Edward M. Erdelac presents “Hear The Eagle Scream”
Rebecca J. Allred presents “Mother’s Mouth, Full of Dirt”
Jay Caselberg presents “The Ride”
John M. Floyd presents “The Red-Eye to Boston”
Tom Johnstone presents “Oldstone Gardens”
Bentley Little presents “The Plumber”
Darren O. Godfrey presents “D.U.I.”
Carole Johnstone presents “Better You Believe”


            Even though I’m still descending through the French couloirs, the snowpack is harder, the incline less steep. I’m surprisingly warm, but I know much of that is a cocktail of O and illusion—I last felt my feet at Camp IV. I don’t feel bad, I don’t feel good. I don’t feel much of anything at all. Not even afraid.
            There’s a subtle but sudden shift in the air around me, like a hush, a breath too close to my ear; my heart stutters a little to feel it through my hood and balaclava. And then Jakub Hornik appears from the gloom behind and above—maybe ten feet east, no more —face-first and flat on his belly, anchored to nothing. He doesn’t flail or shout as he slides down the snowfield; he makes no sound at all save the fast friction of his suit against ice…

Better You Believe by Carole Johnstone

ABOUT: Carole Johnstone

British Fantasy Award-winning Carole Johnstone is a Scottish writer, currently living on the island of Cyprus. Her short fiction has been published widely, and has been reprinted in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year and Salt Publishing’s Best British Fantasy series.
Her debut short story collection, The Bright Day is Done, is available from Gray Friar Press, and her novella, Cold Turkey, is part of TTA Press’ novella series. Both works were shortlisted for a 2015 British Fantasy Award.
She is presently at work on a novel, but just can’t seem to kick the short story habit.
More information on the author can be found at

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