Sunday, May 27, 2012

Writer's Resources - MARKET LISTINGS

For you writers of short fiction, how much time do you spend searching for a market for your work? I used to forecast that for every three hours I spent writing, I used another hour just on researching markets. This included understanding what the market was doing, checking on the audience and reviews of publishers, deciding where best I fit in, as well as prescribing to said market's highly personalized guidelines. Whew! It was time-consumptive.

We all have work and family and other life obligations that come first, so the time found for writing is precious and a limited resource. Utilize every writer's resource that you can in order to sift through the unnecessary balderdash.

Here are some of the best online writing resources I have discovered that provide MARKET LISTINGS and the latest in what publications are asking for (focused on speculative or genre fiction).

These are FREE market listings: - Speculative Fiction and Humor - Aswiebe's Market List: Fantasy, Sci Fi, and Horror - Places for Writers: Literary, Journals, and Fiction - Dark Markets: Horror - Every Writers Resource: Literary, Genre Fiction, Academic – Horror Tree: Horror, Speculative Fiction - All Fiction Genres - Poets & Writers - Angela Benedetti’s Market Listings - Writing Career (Magazines) - Writing Career (Anthologies) - Sandra Seamans' Markets (My Little Corner: Horror, Science and Speculative Fiction and other genres)

This following is a PAY market listing: - Duotrope Digest: Literary or Genre Fiction

In addition, be sure to obtain your annual print copy of WRITER'S MARKET (Writer's Digest Books), that provides traditional publishers who may not advertise on the internet.

Hope this helps, and keep writing!

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  1. I only knew of two of the sites. Thank you so much for sharing your list!

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..


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