Sunday, January 15, 2012

My acceptance into the anthology, "SLICES OF FLESH."

Great publishing news! Recently got my acceptance into the anthology, "SLICES OF FLESH." Amazing line up of authors in this book and I am humbled to be listed in the Table of Contents alongside such masters as:

Ramsey Campbell
Jack Ketchum
Rick Hautala
Graham Masterton
Nancy Kilpatrick
Nancy Holder
William F Nolan
Joe McKinney
David Tallerman
Del Howison
Tim Lebbon
James Dorr
Jason V. Brock
Fran Friel
Nate Kenyon
and many others!

Cover Art by Mike Mignola

To be released SPRING, 2012


  1. Congratulations, Eric! It looks to be a smashing book.

  2. I just received my pdf copy and it is a great collection. I intended to just proof my story but just kept galloping ahead. I rarely do short and I hate doing free, but I'm proud to be in this one.

  3. I agree, Larry - I am so proud to be in this collection. It's great to participate for a worthy cause but, even more so, it's personally great just to see my name in the table of contents along side so many authors I have long admired!


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