Friday, November 11, 2016

DAY 4 OF ANNOUNCING! Table of Contents for: +HORROR LIBRARY+ Volume 6

I’ll be unhurriedly posting all contributors here, one-a-day, to reveal the T.O.C. for this latest anthology volume that I edited for +HORROR LIBRARY+, to be published by Farolight Publishing (Cutting Block Books) in April, 2017.

DAY 4 of 27: Jay Caselberg

JG Faherty presents “The H Train”
Edward M. Erdelac presents “Hear The Eagle Scream”
3. Rebecca J. Allred presents “Mother’s Mouth, Full of Dirt”
4. Jay Caselberg presents “The Ride”


She had died nearly four years ago. Or at least that’s what they told him. Some hiking holiday, exploring the ancient sites. The news had taken some time to reach him. After all, what’s a boyfriend? Not really next of kin. Not family. Not that they’d ever found a body.

The Ride by Jay Caselberg

ABOUT: Jay Caselberg

Jay Caselberg is an Australian author based in Germany. His work has appeared in multiple venues worldwide and in several languages, both novels and short fiction. His work usually wanders across genre boundaries and proudly wears a dark edge.

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