Monday, October 22, 2018

Beautiful review of my debut fiction collection book!

A beautiful review of my debut fiction collection book, THAT WHICH GROWS WILD (Cemetery Dance Publications and edited by Norman Prentiss).

Thanks so much to reviewers everywhere in their time and thoughts in promoting and sharing work, and most especially in this case THANK YOU to Jeani Rector and The Horror Zine, who have tirelessly been publishing new fiction, books, and reviews for over a decade!

“… All of the stories in this book are consistently exciting, making it difficult to choose (the best). You don’t find that level of quality in many collections, but you do in this one.” (The Horror Zine)


  1. Congrats for the great reviews, especially the one from The Horror Zine! I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeani when I wrote for the now obsolete and I've read several issues of The Horror Zine. Jeani really knows her horror!


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