Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Writer's Resources - Electronic Submission Trackers

For writers who are interested in such things, I use an electronic spreadsheet to track my submissions, which I built in Microsoft Excel 2007.

Tracking submissions is vital to any writer’s success, knowing where your work is/ has been submitted, published, paid, etc. You can track market info, response times, or really anything you find useful in your own endeavors.

I’m including downloadable files via Google Docs links for two versions of Excel submission trackers for anyone who would like assistance in this, to become—at least—a more “organized” writer! ;)

The first version is one that I built (Submission Tracker by Eric J. Guignard.xls) and the second is an easier alternative version created by NEON Magazine (Copy of Sample-Submissions-Tracker by NEON Magazine.xlsx).

For my version, just input the appropriate fields of information in each row (Title, where submitted, date, etc.) and also apply a numeral 1 in the corresponding column, whether the story is something you need to submit, or if’s been submitted and awaiting decision, or if accepted or rejected.

The 1 value in the first 4 columns will color-format the row for ease of viewing, and also is calculated into your submission statistics. When the submission changes (ex. From pending to accepted), just delete the “1” from the column and re-enter in a new column.

The columns can be sorted by market, story title, etc., and the statistics auto-calculate.

Besides my tracking spreadsheet, there are other resources available as well, listed here:

Use what works best for you!

Hope this helps, and holiday cheers,

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