Saturday, July 22, 2023

ComicCon 2023 Panel!

I love being part of Writers’ panels. I’ve spoken on them (40 or 50 by now?) over the past 8 or 9 years at events all over the country. Yesterday was the first time I’d ever spoken at ComicCon, and it was totally one of the most memorable. Normally I’m on the panel with other writers who are generally similar to me, in terms of their career and/or goals. Yesterday I was on a panel for Ghostwriting, and it was a wild mix of stars from all across the cosmos of creative endeavors.

• Hunter Jackson, one of the founding members of madhouse metal band GWAR as Techno Destructo (my brother would have been so envious!)

• Nicholas Cvjetkovich, WWE wrestling superstar and promotor under the name Sinn Bodhi (Bowdee)

• Horror film actor Pat Jankiewicz

• Hypnotherapist Grant Offenberger

• Renowned sci-fi author and mega-icon of self-publishing Hugh Howey (“THE” Hugh Howey, with WOOL coming to AMC and SILO to Apple TV)

• And moderated by filmmaker and comedian Tim Chizmar

It was hilarious, insightful, and a great time, and thanks to Tim for bringing us all together!


Me at ComicCon 2023!

(Top row, L:R): Sinn Bodhi, Grant Offenberger, Hunter Jackson (Techno Destructo), Hugh Howey, Tim Chizmar (Bottom Row, L:R): Pat Jankiewicz, Eric J. Guignard

And thanks to me ol' friend and roommate Erik Jansen for coming out

And same for old high school friend Jaime Kauffman-Palumbo

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