Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Returning from SFWA’s 58th Nebula Awards Convention in Anaheim, CA

Got back late Sunday night from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA)’s 58th Nebula Awards. I’ve been a SFWA member since 2014, but this was my first time attending the Nebulas Convention. It travels to a different venue each year, but since it was in the neighboring city of Anaheim this time around, I had to check it out and be part of the event, and I’m so happy I did—It was a great first experience!

The attendance was a little smaller than I’d expected (only about 200 people in-person, although there were more attendees virtually) and held at the Sheraton Park near to Disneyland.

I only knew a few people going in—
Kate Maruyama and Peter Blaisdell who I both see often, and KC Grifant and Arley Sorg, whom I’d met once each before, but have also corresponded with (and good to see again famed Scott Edelman!).

Myself with 
Mark Coker and KC Grifant

Myself with Kate Maruyama, Krista, and Jennifer R. Povey

(Photo by Kate Maruyama)

Myself with Kate MaruyamaFrancesca MymanKrista, and Jennifer R. Povey

(Photo by Kate Maruyama)

Myself with Kate MaruyamaKrista, and KC Grifant

(Photo by Kate Maruyama)

Best of all was meeting friends for the first time whom I’ve only ever communicated with online: Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito, Ai Jiang, and Anna Ziegelhof.

I was sorry to have missed meeting S. Qiouyi Lu who came by one night, and I only learned later that Laura Anne Gilman was in attendance, whom I would have loved to have met.

But I was also very pleased to meet many other attending writers, some of whom I only shared a few words of introduction, while others I chatted with for a long time:


While at the convention, I spoke on two panels:

For The Love of Short Fiction 2022

by: Arley Sorg, Eric J. Guignard, Peter Behravesh, Jane Pinckard, and LP Kindred


(Photo by Phong Quan @pqwrites)

Seeking a Writer for the End of the World

by: K. R. Monin, Eric J. Guignard, R.W.W. Greene, and John Murphy


And I attended a number of other panels, but only took pics of two:

How to Reach an Audience with a Niche Genre

by: Jasmine Gower, Zabé Ellor, Sarah Branson, and M. S. Ewing


Branding and Marketing: Finding That Return on Investment

by: L.S. Johnson, Jonathan Brazee, and Cerece Rennie Murphy



Nice, memorable awards show, hosted by designer and actress Cheryl Platz.

Congratulations to the Winners and Finalists, listed here: https://nebulas.sfwa.org/58th-nebula-awards-finalists/

(Photo by SFWA)

Anyway, now marked on my to-do list is to attend the Nebulas again in the future!

Carry on, Airship Nebula!



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