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March, 2022 Dark Fiction Short Story Markets

 HWA L.A.: March, 2022
New or Reopening Market Listings/ Notes
At Minimum Pro-Paying (5 cents+ per word)

The Librarian (anthology, Air and Nothingness Press)
Payment: 8 cents a word
Story Length: 1,000–3,000 words
Open From: May 1, 2022–June 30, 2022
Reprints?: No
Response: September 15, 2022
Description: A librarian's adventures roving through the multiverse: The Librarian travels the multiverse (along the timeline - past through the future - and across planetary systems and universes) helping out people, societies, and those in need, with their questions, problems, and research (as librarians do). Looking for positive, hopeful stories with positive endings, and narratives that celebrate librarians.

Enchanted Conversation Magazine: Folklore, Fairy Tales, & Myths
Payment: $50 flat rate
Story Length: 750–1,000 words
Deadline: May 1, 2022–May 3, 2022
Reprints?: No
Response: NO rejections sent out. Assume rejection if not heard 10 days after close of submission window.
Description: Fairy tales that are almost or entirely new or are just new takes on old tales are all welcome. Mashups of existing fairy tales are welcome as well. CURRENT THEME: Weather.”

Ahoy Comics
Payment: $200 flat rate
Story Length: 500–1,500 words
Deadline: Intermittent
Reprints?: No
Response: Six weeks (sometimes up to three months)
Description: Smart, weird, funny articles or stories; short fiction for mature readers, pieces that uphold the story-telling legacy of comics. It could be a delirious rant, a personal anecdote, a tale of horror or even poetry. It can be about anything, but we have a soft spot for submissions with a dash of humor. These stories can be political, but they must not be based on events that might be outdated by the time we publish. Whatever the subject, it must still be relevant a year from now.

Orion’s Belt (online magazine)
Payment: 8 cents a word
Story Length: up to 1,200 words
Deadline: September 1, 2022
Reprints?: No
Response: generally within one week
Description: Bold, experimental literary science fiction and fantasy stories that blur the line between “genre” fiction and literary fiction.

Mother: Tales of Love and Terror anthology (Weird Little Worlds)
Payment: 5 cents a word
Story Length: 1,000–3,000 words
Deadline: Open between April 15–May 15, 2022
Reprints?: No
Response: unknown
Description: There is no one with more power and control over the fate of the world than a mother. Whether it’s an evil stepmother or a virtuous mother-to-be, there are stories inherent in the acts of mothering and being mothered; mothers become heroes and villains. The concept of motherhood is examined and stretched to its ultimate limits across time, space, gender, location, and concept. Deliciously dark, each tale forces us to examine the depth and breadth of what motherhood is and what a mother will do for her offspring.

ESCAPE ARTISTS PodCasts (4 separate markets; different editors, similar guidelines)

8 cents a word/ original; $100 flat rate for reprints
Story Length:
1,500–6,000 words (preferred 4,500 words or less)
Deadline: Intermittent (each market opens as needs)
Reprints?: Yes
Response: Up to three months

1. PodCastle (Fantasy Fiction Podcast)
Description: Publishes in both text and audio. Looking for fantasy stories. We’re open to all the sub-genres of fantasy, from magical realism to urban fantasy to slipstream to high fantasy, and everything in between.

2. Cast of Wonders (Y.A. Fantasy Fiction Podcast)
Description: Stories that evoke a sense of wonder and have something unreal about them. We aim for a 12-17 age range: that means sophisticated, non-condescending stories with wide appeal, and without explicit sex, violence or pervasive obscene language. Think Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.

3. Escape Pod (Science Fiction Podcast)
Description: Our mandate is fun. We are fairly flexible on what counts as “science” (as we’ll delve into superheroes or steampunk on occasion) and are interested in exploring the range of the genre, but we are not looking for fantasy, magical realism, or more than a tinge of horror. If your story isn’t centered on science, technology, future projections, alternate history, and how any or all of these things intersect with people, we’re probably not the right market for it.

4. Pseudopod (Horror Fiction Podcast)
Description: Horror: dark, weird fiction. We run the spectrum from grim realism or crime drama, to magic-realism, to blatantly supernatural dark fantasy. We publish highly literary stories reminiscent of Poe or Lovecraft as well as vulgar shock-value pulp fiction; strong pacing, well-defined characters, engaging dialogue, and clear action.

***Non-PRO-Paying Market, but Eric J. Guignard’s “Pick of the Month”

Black Static Magazine (TTA Press)
Payment: 3 cents a word (ESTIMATE, as it can vary)
Story Length: up to 10,000 words
Deadline: ongoing
Reprints?: No
Response: usually within 2 weeks; but up to 3 months
Description: Non-themed, general audience, thoughtful horror.

Translunar Travelers Lounge
Payment: 3 cents a word
Story Length: up to 5,000 words
Deadline: April 15, 2022
Reprints?: No
Response: 60 days after the submission period has closed
Description: Stories that are fun and have a speculative element to them. Swashbuckling adventure, deadly intrigue, and gleeful romance are some of the most obvious examples of what we’re looking for, but we won’t say no to more subtle or complicated topics.

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