Sunday, January 30, 2022

DAY 6 OF ANNOUNCING! Table of Contents for: +HORROR LIBRARY+ Volume 7

 ANNOUNCING: I’m posting all contributors, one-a-day, to reveal the Table of Contents for +Horror Library+ Volume 7, to be published by Dark Moon Books on March 1, 2022!


Rex Burrows presents “Skandalopetra”
5. Alex Woodroe presents “Abandon”
4. Cody Goodfellow presents “Hand of Glory”
3. Natalia Theodoridou presents “The Mouth”
2. Jo Kaplan presents “Her. House.”
1. Michael Harris Cohen presents “Never Better”


In “Skandalopetra,” an immigrant Greek fisherman follows the “old ways” to collect deep-water sponges, which proves an increasing mystery to his well-meaning grandson.


     …A stream of bubbles exits Yorgos’s nostrils and begins a long, meandering journey back to the surface. Carbon dioxide has been steadily building in his bloodstream, and on cue, a mild spasm seizes his diaphragm. This is a persuasive warning sign of impending asphyxiation, but Yorgos pays it no mind. Even in the blank sameness of the ocean’s twilight zone, a diver of his gifts knows how to keep track of his depth. He’s just passed a key threshold, the point at which salinity and pressure and darkness come into proper alignment to wake the skandalopetra.
     It begins with a flickering greenish light that shines first from one carved rune, then another, then across full sequences of characters. Soon, the glow steadies and spreads across the entire surface of the stone. A warm tingling spreads throughout Yorgos’s body as it begins to coax his anatomy into a more suitable configuration…

Skandalopetra by REX BURROWS



Rex Burrows is a writer and environmental microbiologist. He’s lived in lots of different places, most recently Washington, DC. His short fiction has appeared in Weird Horror Magazine.




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