Monday, February 1, 2021

Monday Morning Musing: Book Review of Dan Simmons' THE TERROR

My TBR list is just insanely long, and it keeps growing, and I’m not a fast reader to begin with. So I never read a book a second time, or least I haven’t since I was a teenager, and reread Stephen King’s THE STAND like about a dozen times.

But since then, nope… until now. I saw the cover on my bookshelf, and after watching the AMC series twice, I couldn’t resist: I HAD to go back and reread one of the greatest horror fiction novels of my life: THE TERROR by Dan Simmons.

I do realize how much detail got past me the first time, and why the AMC series made changes to consolidate plot points, or add in events. Anyway my full (old) review from 2013 here:


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