Friday, July 31, 2020

The artwork of STEVE LINES for my novella, LAST CASE AT A BAGGAGE AUCTION

Can I just take a moment to showcase (er, brag, or scream in delight!) the artwork of STEVE LINES? This is one of the twelve full-page pieces he created for my novella LAST CASE AT A BAGGAGE AUCTION (dropping this Monday, 8/3).

Counting this, plus the anthology I edited, A WORLD OF HORROR, plus an upcoming project, will be three books I’ve worked (am working) on with him, and his illustrations (if possible) just keep getting better and better!

LAST CASE AT A BAGGAGE AUCTION is available for Pre-order now in Paperback, e-book (oddly at a different link), and deluxe hardback with wraparound dust jacket!!

Check out the rest of his artwork (and my story ain’t bad either) here!

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