Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Haunted Library of Horror Classics is off with a blast!

The first volume of the Haunted Library of Horror Classics, being The Phantom of the Opera, is already published, and volume 2, The Beetle, is scheduled for early next month.

Reviewed by the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, BooklistLibrary Journal, and more! Read more on my website about this groundbreaking series I am putting out with co-editor, Leslie S. Klinger, through SourceBooks!!!



Series editors Eric J. Guignard and Leslie S. Klinger bring back seminal titles of the horror genre from over the past 250 years, making them easily available to modern readers.

The Haunted Library of Horror Classics editions are quality trade paperbacks (and ebooks), carefully curated to follow the definitive text of the original publications, while being presented at reasonable prices for a mass market.

Each volume of this series includes:
  • introduction by a renowned contemporary horror writer, editor, or scholar
  • annotations and/or endnotes to define or give context to obscure words and phrases
  • a teacher’s guide of discussion questions for classroom use
  • an author biography
  • a list of similar titles for suggested further reading
  • …and more!


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