Friday, July 26, 2019

Book Release Day—my first novel, DOORWAYS TO THE DEADEYE

Announcing the birth of my long-awaited baby! It’s… It’s… A BOOK!

DOORWAYS TO THE DEADEYE is born, er, released TODAY!!!!!

My first full-length novel, about legend-building and memories, the search for perseverance after death, all framed in the fantastic travels of a 1930s-era train-hopping hobo, and the homeless narrator who is trying to keep the stories “alive” in more ways than one.

Title: Doorways to the Deadeye
Author: Eric J. Guignard
Date of Publication: July 26, 2019
Number of pages: 328
Published by: JournalStone

Synopsis: A Depression-era hobo rides the rails and learns the underlying Hobo Code is a mystical language that leads into the world of memories, where whoever is remembered strongest—whether by trickery, violence, or daring—can change history and alter the lives of the living.

Thank you to publisher, Christopher C. Payne, acquisitions editor Jess Landry, copy editor Scarlett Algee, and cover designer, Mikio Murakami


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