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I have four new books that are teetering on the verge of publication under my small press, Dark Moon Books, and each is fortunate enough to be graced by amazing interior artwork.

I love interior illustrations twofold: The visual elements are not only appealing on their own merit, but that they also add another layer to the stories they depict, providing a relatable and synergetic graphic.

I spend a lot of time to find the right person for this, reviewing websites, portfolios, and reviews of artists, as finding someone “fitting” is not easy. Just like writing, artists have their own styles, their own voices. There are so many great artists out there, but sometimes they’re out of my price range, or their personalities are not a match to my own, or they just don’t follow through with commitments, or any number of other variables.

But the following are some wonderful collaborators I’ve been working with of late, along with a shout-out of immense THANK YOU to each of them and links to their amazing work.


Michelle Prebich at: www.batinyourbelfry.etsy.com

Michelle is illustrating not just one book, but a series of books: EXPLORING DARK SHORT FICTION: A PRIMER SERIES (vol 1: Steve Rasnic Tem; vol. 2: Kaaron Warren; vol. 3: Nisi Shawl; vol. 4: Jeffrey Ford), with a very fun, whimsical, and dark style, Tim Burton-ess of etching!


Steve Lines at: www.rainfallsite.com

Steve is illustrating my anthology, A WORLD OF HORROR, even while working through a broken arm!! His style incorporates much vintage stipple illustration (dotting for depth), which amazes me with complexity, yet he seemingly creates the work with ease and panache.

One of my favorite examples of his work: http://www.rainfallsite.com/Haunted_9_001.jpg


Greg is also illustrating a Series (a trilogy): THE CRIME FILES OF KATY GREEN by Gene O’Neill, following my requests to create partials of pulp detective comic strips, which are loud, exciting, and “mini-vignettes.”


Nils finished illustrating my anthology THE FIVE SENSES OF HORROR last year. He has a rich vision of Gothic sensibility, combining gorgeous folk art with intricate designs and detailed artwork in mixed media.


I recommend each of the above for their amazing craft and ease of working with. And if all the stars should align, I’ll have all new books published within the next few months showcasing each of these grand artists and their exemplary work!

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