Friday, January 26, 2018

Invention of the sub-genre: PARANORMAL-GRUNGE THRILLER

Hmmm… just wrote a ’90s high school grunge mystery—semi-autobiographical—that ended up at 11,000 words (after cutting from 13,000)…

In lieu of the current unmarketability of such an endeavor, I am here and now claiming invention rights and credits for a new sub-genre: PARANORMAL-GRUNGE THRILLER

I.e. should anyone else follow in my footsteps, you must credit as follows:

** The term was coined in 2018 by Eric J. Guignard via social media post. **

PARANORMAL-GRUNGE THRILLER: A specific form of Mystery sub-genre, similar in generalities to sub-genre definitions such as “Cozy,” or “Y.A.” but with distinction of slightly darker elements and situations as well as being set specifically in the “grunge-era” of the 1990s; Paranormal-Grunge Thrillers also include a supernatural element, and may be widely classified as a mystery or thriller, by which the main character (generally the author in his/her teen or college years) must solve a crime or puzzle.

A proto-Paranormal-Grunge Thriller is the novelette by Eric J. Guignard, “Up at Spadra, Where the Dead Don't Exist” (2018).

Publishers forthwith rejoice! I am offering you the chance for a unique and (*potentially*!) soon-to-be-wildly-successful market!

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