Thursday, April 24, 2014

Two Writing Industry Award Nominations For . . . Me!

There’s not much that speaks to the validation of a young writer doing something right as it is in receiving recognition from peers and affiliations that they admire.

In the past couple months, I’ve received TWO Industry award nominations I’m insanely proud of! Each nomination is from a different group and for a different work of mine.

On February 23, I was voted to the final ballot of the 2013 Bram Stoker Awards® in the category of “Superior Achievement in an Anthology” for my book, AFTER DEATH...

The Bram Stoker Awards have been presented by the Horror Writers Association annually since 1987 and winners are selected by Active members. This is my SECOND year in a row, receiving a nomination in this category, and I consider it a great honor. The Horror Writers Association promotes and protects the careers of professional writers of horror and dark fantasy.


And on April 6, I was voted to the final ballot of the 2014 International Thriller Awards in the category of “Best Short Story” for my novella, BAGGAGE OF ETERNAL NIGHT!

The International Thriller Awards are presented by ITW (International Thriller Writers) an organization of 2,100 members, and winners are selected by a panel of board members and professionals. I only recently joined this group and was completely stunned to learn that my work had been selected as one of the top five nominations from over two hundred submitted entries including luminaries such as Dean Koontz, R.L. Stine, John Grisham, and Elmore Leonard. I don’t know what the criteria was that elevated me, and I’m certainly not a better writer than any of those Bestsellers, but I certainly feel blessed at receiving such a recognition!
Somebody's sure pulled some supernatural strings for me!
Midnight cheers,
Eric J. Guignard

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