Friday, November 9, 2012


I am thrilled to announce and congratulate the following authors who were accepted into my second anthology project, “After Death... ”!

Andrew S. WilliamsSomeone to Remember
David TallermanPrisoner of Peace
Steve Rasnic TemThe Last Moments Before Bed
Lisa MortonThe Resurrection Policy
John M. FloydHigh Places
Kelda CrichCircling the Stones at Fulcrum's Low
David SteffenI Will Remain
Aaron J. FrenchTree of Life
Sanford Allen & Josh RountreeThe Reckless Alternative
Brad C. HodsonThe Thousandth Hell
James S. Dorr Mall Rats
Ray CluleyAfterword
Jonathan ShipleyLike a Bat out of Hell
Edward M. ErdelacSea of Trees
Jacob EdwardsThe Overlander
Bentley LittleMy Father Knew Douglas MacArthur
Jamie LackeyRobot Heaven
John PalisanoForever
Robert B. Marcus, Jr.Beyond the Veil
Alvaro RodriguezBoy, 7
William Meikle Be Quiet At The Back
Christine MorganA Feast of Meat and Mead
Simon ClarkHammerhead
Peter GiglioCages
Kelly DunnMarvel at the Face of Forever
Trevor DenyerThe Unfinished Lunch
Steve CameronI Was The Walrus
Larry HodgesThe Devil's Backbone
Benjamin Kane EthridgeThe Death of E. Coli
Emily C. SkaftunFinal Testament of a Weapons Engineer
Joe McKinneyAcclimation Package
Josh StrnadHellevator
Allan IzenIn and Out the Window
John LanganWith Max Barry in the Nearer Precincts
The theme of this anthology is to imagine what may occur to someone AFTER they have died.
As of my final selection earlier this week, there totaled 364 submissions. There were so many brilliant and well-written ideas that it was agonizing to only be able to select a handful. I wish I could include many more authors, but space was limited. As it is, I grew the project larger than originally planned. Of the afore-mentioned stories, six were by invitation and the remaining selected through open call. The book comes out to about 115,000 words of all new and original fiction!

Every story will be custom illustrated by Audra Phillips,

Publication is on schedule for Spring (March/ April) 2013 through Dark Moon Books.

Thank you, again, to all who submitted — I truly enjoyed reading every story.

Keep writing!

Cover Art for AFTER DEATH...


  1. Great TOC, Eric. Looks like a great read. It's going to fascinating to see how the authors have tackled the theme.

  2. I can't wait to share it - there are so many great stories!


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