Thursday, June 30, 2011

Anthology ONE WEEK update

It has only been one week since I announced open call for this anthology and already I have received some fantastic submissions!

The statistics are as follows: As of yesterday, June 29 (one week since open call began), I have received twelve submissions. I have responded to each of those first twelve as of this afternoon. I accepted one, short-listed four and declined seven. NOTE that most stories will be short-listed first and final acceptances offered after open call is closed. I did accept one story right away because I loved it and it gave me a warm & fuzzy feeling to know that the Table of Contents for this collection had started. ;)

I have received a few more submissions today, although I have not categorized or reviewed those yet. I should be able to do so within the week.

Of the initial 12, four were submitted from countries outside of the United States.
Of the initial 12, not one covered the same society or civilization as the others.
Of the initial 12, seven stories were set in ancient past, three stores were set in present time, and three stories were set in the future.
Of the initial 12, seven stories dealt with "real" or well known "mythological" civilizations, while five stories dealt with fictional or "invented" civilizations; although a few of those stories blended between the two spectrums.

Anyways, just wanted to provide a feel for what I am receiving. Every story was a pleasure to read, whether I felt that it fit the overall character of the book or not. I am astounded at the breath of ideas relating to the theme of this anthology! I look forward to reading many more extraordinary tales over the next four months.

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